BKV Railway Vehicle Repair and Service Ltd. has been established in 1997 as the Budapest Transport Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, which has become the central railway car repair plant of Budapest.

Our company is the successor of the Budapest Transport Company’s Railway Manufacture and Repair Plant founded in 1970, specializes in repairing and manufacturing tram, suburban and metro vehicles, including the refurbishment of its main components (and other related special accessories).

Lately our activities have been extended by the manufacture of railway switches and crossovers, furthermore we are also dealing with the repair and full-renovation of autobus and trolley-bus vehicles.

Since the foundation, we put a large emphasis on the professional training of specialized workers (for this reason we have a separate training department in the site of the company).

Our main customer is the Budapest Transport Company, but because of our special services we are in connection with all the companies operating on the public transportation field, in addition during the years we have established several collaborations with some well-known foreign company of the railway industry (including AnsaldoBreda S.p.a and Stadler Hungary).

From the beginning, we are continously developing our management, logistics and quality system, currently we are operating in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Since 2001 our management activities, such as production planning, logistics, finance and accounting are supported by the SAP integrated management system.

Our production is assisted by a fine network of suppliers with proper technical, financial and quality references, which has been constantly evolving by the time.

In 2011 the Company has succesfully adopted the Public Procurement Act during its procurement process, helping to make this phase even more transparent, and to bolster the principle of equity.